The African Institute of Biomedical Science and Technology (AiBST) node is involved in the following activities:

  1. A technical partner of the Ministry of Health in the provision of rt-PCR tests. The research Lab has done thousands of such tests to assist in the national response. This is being coordinated Dr. Justen Manasa.
  2. The node got a grant from the Global Health Protection (GHP) program in German to determine the frequency of genetic variants that could affect some of the drugs that are being tested in the SOLIDARITY study. The Lab has genotyped 118 samples from their biobank and are preparing a short communication to that effect.
  3. The node is also part of a GATES Foundation and Cetara company funded multi-centre study to create a Healthcare Workers (HCW)  taking care of COVID-19 patient registry. They are currently working with the various COVID-19 treatment centres to establish this registry and collecting samples to test for the infection rates among the HCW.