Providing training courses in GWAS, NGS, metagenomics and systems administration

    H3ABioNet Training and Activities

    Africa needs to increase the number of qualified bioinformatics graduates while ensuring the bioinformatics training content and quality is appropriate. Creating research opportunities and providing financial support for promising newly-graduated bioinformatics students in Africa, as well as attracting Africans studying abroad back to the continent is vital for capacity development. H3ABioNet delivers high quality training in a variety of formats.
    African countries represented by training participants
    Training workshops held in African countries
    People trained across Africa by H3ABioNet
    H3ABioNet internships awarded
    Face to face workshops
    H3ABioNet provides face to face workshops on topics including NGS, variant calling, GWAS and microbiome.
    A list of past workshops can be accessed here.
    Live online training
    Hackathons and jamborees
    Access to training materials
    Train the Trainer
    Trainer Resources
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