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    Upcoming and Current Training

    H3ABioNet organises a variety of high quality courses and training events covering various aspects of bioinformatics from general introductory topics to more specialised ones such Next Generation Sequencing and Genome Wide Association Studies analyses.
    Training proposals on different topics that are pertinent to human health, have synergies with the H3Africa projects and are also in line with H3ABioNet's vision of developing bioinformatics capacity within Africa, may be submitted here.
    Please also take note of the H3ABioNet training event policy available here.

    • Bioinformatics Instructional Design Online Course: Oct - Nov 2020

      Course Overview: The societal challenge of the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic increases the global needed for technology-facilitated learning. Additionally, there is a growing need for experts who can design and deliver technology-facilitated courses that enable course participants to successfully apply course knowledge content and...

    • Introduction to Nextflow Workshop_1Dec2020

      Course Overview/description: The use of workflow technologies such as Nextflow is becoming increasingly pervasive in bioinformatics. Workflows automate the execution of various bioinformatics tools and pipelines and reduces the time one spends on running the different steps in a particular pipeline while testing various parameters as well as enabling...

    • Introduction to Git and Github_30Nov2020

      Course Overview/description: The use of repositories and version control tools such as GitHub and Git for hosting, pulling, installing and collaborative development of code and software in bioinformatics is now commonplace. The “Introduction to Git and Github” course will provide an overview of version control, creating a GitHub account and how...

    Past Courses and Training Events

    H3ABioNet has hosted and been involved in a number of training events and courses since it's conception in 2012.  For a list of past H3ABioNet courses and training events and to access the applicable training material, please browse through the training categories below:
    Bioinformatics Introduction
    Bioinformatics Intermediary
    Bioinformatics Advanced
    Data Management
    Genomic Medicine
    Research Skills
    SysAdmin and Technical
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