Course Overview:

The introduction to hands-on Bioconductor workshop is a virtual two-half-day training to provide an overview of leveraging open-source Bioconductor resources for research studies.

There will be two courses offered by the BioConductor community:

Keywords: Bioinformatics, Epidemiology, study design, causal inference, BioConductor packages 

Intended Audience:

The course is designed for biomedical research graduate students (master, PhD), early-stage researchers, and bioinformaticians who would like to build their capacity in data analysis using Bioconductor resources and are familiar with R syntax and using RStudio.

Skill level of training: Intermediate

Language: The course and materials are offered in English 

Type of training:  Online

Credential awarded: Meeting participant will receive a workshop certificate.

Workshop organisers: H3Africa, H3ABioNet, and the Bioconductor Community

Proposed workshop outcomes: The proposed courses will lay a foundation on how to efficiently use open-source Bioconductor resources for bioinformatics analysis.

The course tools and packages relevant for this course will be hosted on Orchestra, an online platform for teaching and learning hands-on computational skills in self-contained and launchable workshop environments.

The course will be in two main forms which include;

  • lectures to introduce basic concepts.
  • demonstrations and hands-on computer practicals on analysis pipeline/workflows for mapping identifiers, querying multiple data sources, performing epidemiological causal inference, and visualizing results in high-resolution publication format.

The hands-on sessions may provide an opportunity for participants to work with their data. Instructors for the course have experience in developing and applying methods for research analysis and also involved in developing statistical methods/algorithms and Bioconductor packages.

Refer to the attached document for more details and additional information on the workshop.

Applications are now closed

Training materials availability: Training materials for this course are not currently available.