Course Overview
The H3Africa Consortium aims to study the genomic and environmental determinants of diseases in Africa. It also strives to build genomic expertise among scientific investigators in Africa as well as encourage collaborations between them through infrastructure development and research support. The H3ABioNet, a Pan African Bioinformatics Network, while building and developing bioinformatics capacity in Africa provides support for the H3Africa consortium researchers and their projects through its Education and Training Working Group.   In view of the above, the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) Node of the H3ABioNet Consortium will hold an H3ABioNet funded Intermediate Bioinformatics Workshop from 7th to 11th July, 2014 at the NMIMR Conference Room, Legon Accra, Ghana. This will complement the very successful Introduction to Bioinformatics Workshop held in March, 2014.
Intended Audience
Staff and graduate students who are interested in Bioinformatics
Keywords: Data analysis, Bioinformatics, Genetics
Skill level of training: Intermediate
Language: English
Credential awarded: No credential awarded
Type of training: Face-to-face
Venue of the course: NMIMR Conference Room, Legon Accra, Ghana
Dates for the course:
Course organisers: Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) Node
Participation: Consideration will be given to participants of the previous workshop to ensure continuity in knowledge transfer. A new applicant with basic knowledge of Bioinformatics, the Linux OS and some basic molecular biology knowledge would be considered.
Course Sponsors: H3ABioNet
Course objectives

This Intermediate Bioinformatics Workshop will strengthen and expand on some relevant tools in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. It will also serve as a refresher for trainees of the previous workshop enabling a better integration of Bioinformatics into their on-going research and teaching. This workshop will prepare participants adequately to enrol in the last (advanced) workshop of the series in the current year. The modules for the Intermediate Workshop, like the previous modules, will be based on freely available software suites, Biocomputing platforms and data from public databases. Each module will consist of lectures, demonstrations and hands-on tutorials.


Classroom applications

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Registration for classrooms closes: Thu, 01/01/1970
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Participant applications

Registration for participants opens: Thu, 01/01/1970
Registration for participants closes: Thu, 01/01/1970
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Syllabus and Tools

The five day period workshop will include the following modules and topics as outlined in the tentative timetable:
•    Computing for Biomedical Scientists II
•    R Programming for Biologists
•    Introduction to MySQL
•    Python Programming for Biologists

Course limitations
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Training material availability

Training materials for this course are available as a single downloadable archive here: Should you re-use any of these materials, please ensure that both the author/s of the material AND H3ABioNet are clearly credited.