1. Can I submit a ticket even if I am not part of the H3Africa consortium? 

Yes, anyone can submit a query. This service is open to all scientists in Africa on the project name please choose “Other”.

2. Why do I need to fill in all the information requested when I submit a ticket?

We need this data for reporting purposes. It will not be used against you in anyway.

3. Can I ask one of the HelpDesk members to perform an analysis for me?

We would prefer to keep this as an informational HelpDesk. We would suggest that you set up a collaboration agreement between you and the HelpDesk rep you are working should you need some analysis done for you.

4. Can I submit an attachment as part of the ticket?

A user or admin would first need to create a ticket and then only can a user submit an attachment via email. Send attachments to   and quote your ticket number in the subject line.