Venue of workshop: Face to face workshop/working meeting at the Tsogo Sun Hotel, in Newlands, Cape Town

Dates for the workshop:  14th May – 17th May 2019 *(13th May 2019 - Bioschemas workshop at UCT) 

Workshop organisers:  Nicola Mulder, Verena Ras, Paballo Chauke, Shaun Aron, Sumir Panji, Kim Gurwitz, Cath Brooksbank, Niall Beard, Sarah Morgan, Celia van Gelder, Michelle Brazas, Teresa Attwood 

Registration opens: 27th February 2019 

Registration Closes: 31 March 2019

Notification date for the Education Summit workshop: Selections will only be made if the number of registrations exceeds capacity as space is limited. Notification will be by 5th April 2019.

Link to registration form:

Participation: The summit is open to Bioinformatics trainers and educators, interested in working together on the development of guidelines, materials and resources for trainers.

Workshop Sponsor: H3ABioNet, GOBLET, ELIXIR and ISCB Education Committee

Summit Overview:

The aim of the meeting is for bioinformatics trainers and educators to:

  1. Refine bioinformatics competencies and develop guidelines for applying these to the development of a curriculum and vice versa.
  2. Define guidelines and processes for curriculum accreditation/endorsement
  3. Develop trainer support materials, including:
    1. Develop an online train-the-trainer course
    2. Develop guidelines for bioinformatics trainers
    3. Curation of training materials using bioschemas


Intended Audience: Bioinformatics Trainers and Educators

Tools: We will be using existing guidelines, reports, strategies and documents to assist us in developing new guidelines and resources.

Prerequisites:  Training and Education knowledge in the field of Bioinformatics broadly including competencies, curriculum, assessments and accreditation. 

Workshop limitations: This will be a working meeting where we hope to make substantial progress on the above objectives/ overview and come out with guidelines and materials. Where required there will be a few talks to introduce or provide context around the topics. If time is limited, we might have to continue developing the guidelines online after the workshop.