Securely archiving the genomic and phenotypic research data generated by the H3Africa projects

    H3Africa Data Archive

    H3ABioNet has been tasked with securely archiving the genomic and phenotypic research data generated by the H3Africa projects. The data are stored in a secure data archive solution located at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to archiving this data, H3ABioNet works in conjunction with the relevant H3Africa projects, to submit this data to the European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA), where access can be obtained through the H3Africa Data and Biospecimen Access Committee. Data is submitted to H3ABioNet for archival purposes after it has been through the relevant quality control processes.


    • The NIH and Wellcome Trust have funded multiple projects on genomic research
    • Data is required to be deposited in a public repository by the funders
    • The European Genome-phenome Archive is the repository for sequence and genotype data
    • H3ABioNet has developed a data archive solution for secure storage of H3Africa data before submission to the public repositories
    • Data access is controlled by the H3Africa Data and Biospecimen Access Committee
    • The data is accessible at the H3Africa Data & Biospecimen Catalogue.

    Which repository does the data go into?

    Image and information was obtained from the EGA website

    Microbiome/non-human data

    • EGA takes human genotypes and phenotypes
    • For non-human data sequences should be submitted to the European nucleotide archive (ENA) – open access

    What is EGA controlled access?

    • Human data, personally identifiable (Genetic, phenotypic)
    • Affiliated to medical research or consortium projects
    • Access determined by formal application procedure (DAC)
    • Requires secure storage and distribution

    H3Africa - Submission Timeline
    Data submission process

    • Data submitters should not submit directly to EGA. Kindly read the H3ABioNet Data Submission Standard Operating Procedure Document and appendix B.
    • Contact at least 6 weeks in advance
    • We will setup a meeting to discuss
      • Data Submission Request Information
      • Method of data transfer (preferred is Globus, courier when there is low internet speeds and bandwidth)
      • Encryption of the data
      • H3Africa Policies
      • H3Africa Archive Submission Statement
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